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There are many opportunities available to serve with LCMS Office of International Mission, ranging from one week to a lifetime!
25 Results: Short-Term Teams;

   Children's Program Volunteers Open
   Outreach Team China 10 days Open
   International Interface Hong Kong (China) 10 days Open
   English Bible Camp -Kővágóörs-Révfülöp-Kapolcs Hungary 9 days Open
   Summer / Camp - Pápa Hungary 9 days Open
   English Bible Camp - Szarvas Hungary 9 days Open
   English Bible Camp-Nagytarcsa Hungary 9 days Open
   English Bible Camp-Répcelak Hungary 10 days Open
   Vacation Bible School Kenya 10 days Open
   Dental Clinic Kenya 10 days Open
   Technology Team Kenya 1-2 weeks Open
   General Medical Team Kenya 10 days Open
   Evangelism and Outreach Kenya 10 days Open
   Men's Outreach Kenya 10 days Open
   Women's Encouragement and Edification in the Word Kenya 10 days Open
   English Bible Camps 2015 Poland 13-14 days Open
   Agricultural Practices Instructors Tanzania 10 - 30 days Open
   Evangelism and Outreach Tanzania 10 days Open
   VBS Tanzania 10 days Open
   Into Light Center English Teaching Team Thailand 10-14 days Open
   Electrical Team Togo 2 weeks Open
   General Medical Clinic Uganda 10 days Open
   VBS Uganda 10 days Open
   Evangelism and Outreach Uganda 10 days Open
   Agricultural Practices Instructors Uganda 10-30 days Open

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